6 Essential Tips on How to Properly Care for Your Cashmere Shawl Every Day

August 26th, 2022

Cashmere is a luxury fabric that’s soft, warm, and can be worn in the coldest of weather. But it’s delicate and requires proper care to maintain its quality. Also, cashmere can be expensive so it’s best to keep your favorite shawl clean and pristine for years to come. Here are six tips on how you can take care of your cashmere shawls:

If you are new to cashmere or have had your favorite garment for a while, you need to take care that it will always look its best. Cashmere is a fine and soft wool fabric that can be found in blankets, sweaters, and even socks. It is one of the most expensive fabrics available today due to the fact that it is made from natural fibers and therefore has very few synthetic products involved in its production.

Cashmere comes from goats native to Asia and Northern Europe which means these animals have been raised for their wool for thousands of years. They are not raised solely for this purpose though; they also provide milk as an important part of their diet which means they're kept as livestock animals instead of just being sheared once or twice per year (like sheep).

Do not wash cashmere too often

Cashmere is a luxury fabric and should be treated as such. Washing cashmere too much can damage it, so try to limit yourself to having your shawl dry-cleaned about once every two weeks or so. If you are washing it yourself, use gentle detergents and do not press on the fabric with the ironing board cover or clothes iron’s steam function; both of these actions will make the fabric pill up in unwanted places.

Wash it by hand

Cashmere is delicate and needs to be washed with care, as machine washing can damage it. Hand washing requires gentle detergent, no harsh chemicals or heat—and definitely no wringing! It's also important not to leave the cashmere in water for too long, as this could cause color fading or pilling (the formation of little balls on the surface). 

Cold water works best, but if you're looking for a fabric softener option, consider adding vinegar instead of fabric softener because vinegar has anti-microbial properties that help fight off odor-causing bacteria.

Use lukewarm water

Use lukewarm water. Water that is too hot can shrink the fabric and cause it to pill, but cold water will not get your cashmere stole for women as clean.

Wash it gently by hand with lukewarm water and dry flat on a towel or washing line (if possible). You should never put any kind of delicate garment into an automatic machine because it could cause damage; likewise, hot water will shrink certain types of fabrics such as cashmere - giving them an old look despite being brand new

Use only gentle detergents

Always use the recommended amount of detergent—too much can ruin delicate fibers and cause color fading.

Be careful when washing your cashmere shawl to avoid overworking it by rubbing it too hard or wringing it out tightly. Instead, gently pat dry with a towel after each step in the laundering process so as not to stretch out any natural fibers that may be present in your piece of clothing or accessory item (cashmere is made from goat hair after all).

For best results, wash your shawl by hand using cold water; this will help preserve its shape and keep its fibers in place so they don't clump together during washing time which could result in pilling on expensive sweaters made from 100% wool material like that found inside these types of garments.

After rinsing off soap residue under running water again follow up by squeezing gently but firmly against itself using both hands while pressing into the center areas until they flatten out (this also works well if done properly). If possible let air dry naturally overnight outdoors instead inside where heaters cause wrinkles/pills.

Dry your cashmere flat

If you’re hanging your cashmere to dry, be sure that it’s flat. Hanging it up to dry will help the fibers relax and decrease the chance of pilling.

Do not hang your cashmere on a clothesline or on a hanger (or any other object). Hang drying is not good for cashmere; and if you are going to be hanging your shawl out in the sun, make sure you keep it off the ground as much as possible.

Store it in a dry place

It is important to store your cashmere shawl properly. This will ensure that it does not get damaged or stained.

Store it in a dry place. When storing your cashmere shawl, make sure that the place you choose is not damp or humid; neither should it be too cold or hot. The ideal temperature would be between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (16-21 degrees Celsius). Also, avoid storing it in dusty places as this may lead to stains on the fabric as well as damage due to friction between fibers over time.

Care for Your Cashmere

You should not wash cashmere too often, or it will become damaged. We hope you've found our tips for caring for your cashmere shawl to be helpful. We know that taking proper care of an item can seem like a lot of work, but if you follow these simple steps we guarantee that your shawl will last you for years to come. Ahujasons aims to provide elegant prints and high-quality clothing.