July 28th, 2022

Natural fiber like cotton is produced delicately. It is a breathable fabric that provides both comfort and elegance which makes it essential for everyone to have cotton clothes in their wardrobe. Cotton is obtained naturally, it is derived from the cotton plant itself. The seeds are plucked from the plant for further processing. This process can be done either manually or by machine. The seeds are then sent to the factory where they are formed into yarn. A yarn is a long strand of fiber. The yarns are then weaved together in the desired way to form a fabric.    


COMFORT: We all have heard from our mothers and grandmothers that cotton is their first preference. This is because cotton provides a sense of comfort that no other fabric can provide. This makes cotton essential during summer when all one needs is comfort. Cotton traps the air between the fibers of the fabric which helps in insulation. 

HIGHLY ABSORBENT: A good quality cotton fabric is highly absorbent. The higher the temperature gets the higher the need for cotton gets. It will help absorb sweat and moisture quickly which will not leave you feeling irritated throughout the day.

HYPOALLERGENIC: There are a bunch of synthetic fabrics that might have allergic reactions in people. Dermatologists suggest people with skin allergies wear cotton clothes because it is made up of natural fibers and would rarely cause any irritation on the skin. 

DURABILITY: Cotton is also more durable than other synthetic fabrics. It has a high tear strength which ensures that the fabric lasts for a long time. Good quality cotton clothing is an investment that will stay with you for a long time. 

SUSTAINABLE:  Cotton does not create a burden on the environment. It is naturally produced while causing no addition to the pollution. There are ways of unethically producing cotton where pesticides and other harmful chemicals are used but if you opt for organic cotton you are protecting the environment as well as the farmers. It is biodegradable which makes it a good source of sustainable clothing. 

This summer you can buy cotton suits online from our website. We have curated a wide range of collections while keeping quality in mind. Our cotton suits will make you look elegant while your comfort level is at its peak. Here are a few of our cotton suits that you must put in your wardrobe: 


This beautiful lavender color suit speaks of beauty. The pastel color is soothing to the eyes. The look of this suit has been enhanced with the help of zari work. It can be styled with pearl earrings and clear heels. A beaded handmade potli bag would go well with this suit.                         


This maroon suit is a one-tone cotton suit. It is not entirely plain because slight work has been done on the suit. This could be worn as an everyday suit. You can style this with small gold hoops or Kundan earrings depending on your preference. If you want to wear this for a wedding function then pair it with sharara pants for a dressed-up look. It could be worn with embroidered mojari juttis.


This cotton suit has a beautiful motif printed on it. The colors used in this are pink and red which gives it a feminine appeal. The print covers almost the entire garment but it does not feel clustered. Keep the accessories simple with this outfit for an everyday look. 


This suit has a contrasting color palette of pink and blue. Along with this, it has an elaborate print and a beautiful neckline. The dupatta has been kept slightly simple to keep the emphasis on the kurta. This could be styled with a pair of high heels. 

Ahujasons aims to provide elegant prints and high-quality clothing. These cotton suits are unstitched and can be stitched depending on your style preference. You can keep the length on the shorter or longer side as well. These cotton suits act as a solid canvas for your look.