Handcrafted Woolen Shawls for Women

April 6th, 2022

A shawl is a pinnacle of the high-end art of clothing. A basic Indian drape is worn loosely over the shoulders, upper body, and arms, and occasionally also over the head. Shawls are impaired for warmth, to accentuate an attire, and for symbolism leaving you looking effortlessly exquisite. A shawl, whether it's for the winter or the fall, is an ornament that elevates the glamorous quotient of any ensemble. They resonate with richness and morality. 


The word ‘Shawls’ comes from ‘Kashmir’ also known as Cashmere. Cashmere crafts were introduced in the 14th century in the origins of Ladakh. There are two modern variations - Shahtoosh and Pashmina Shawls. They are appreciated for their warmth, lightweight, and distinctive designs. The shawl's main features are its unique Kashmiri weaving method and quality wool. However, the definition of the Kashmir shawl has changed throughout time and place, depending on aspects including the material used and its cost, the technique of fabrication, the intended usage, and the wearer's status. 

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A multicolored woolen shawl for women gives you the prestige of luxury. Beauty and elegance are embroidered into the handcrafted helm with exquisite wool. The multiple-colored shawl is intended to provide a contemporary aesthetic that is both sophisticated and appealing.

Multicolored woolen shawl

A classic color that will never go out of tradition. A bold hue that can be paired with every attire. Cashmere, with embellishments, is a versatile luxury artifact that could be donned in a variety of colors. With a black cashmere shawl for women, you can accessorize any ensemble, whether it's Indian or western.

black cashmere shawl

Red is one of the most powerful colors in the world. Adding a glamorous look to any outfit. A bright hue like red has the ability to make any ensemble bold. The mesmerizing elegance and magnificent shawl have become a style statement and definition of sophistication for elite women.

magnificent shawl

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