Pashmina: A Timeless Gift of Luxury

January 19th, 2022

The emblem of prestige and elegance, Pashmina has always been the most luxurious accessory in the world. The word Pashmina resonates with royalty in itself. Also known as Cashmere Pashmina, it makes up one of the finest fabrics which have been popular among the royalties for ages. 

The legacy of the knowledge of weaving love and exquisiteness into the finesse by hand has been passed down for centuries by the testaments of Kashmir, India. Pashmina shawl exceptionally has a timeless elegance and grace of its tradition and stature handwoven craft by the finest craftsmen. 


The word Pashmina, derived from the word “Pashm” precisely means soft gold. Pashmina is the lavish and finest form of wool, obtained from a goat named Capra Hiracus, native to the mountains across the Himalayan Ranges. 

Pashmina Shawl

The symbol of suffocation came into fashion when Empress Josephine wore a Kani  Pashmina Shawl which was gifted to her by her husband Napoleon. Since then it has been a choice of opulence for many people around the globe. From celebrities to royalties, Pashmina has made its way to the closets of all. So what makes this luxury the quintessential it is today, let us try and get to know more about it. 

Since then the beauty and elegance embroidered into the handcrafted helm with the love of exquisite fibre helm have been denoted as an emblem of nobility and power. for centuries. It has been worn by the royals for centuries and still continues to be a symbol of luxury and high prestige. The versatility of a Pashmina makes it the world's most cherished fabric. 

Taking back in time the captivating artistry, hand spinning, and weaving of local Kashmiri craftsmen have displayed an epitome of refinement in making it beautiful. The enchanting elegance and resplendent pashmina have become a style statement and definition of classy for elite women. 

It can take artisan years to put up their adroitness to embroider one shawl and this is the reason for the shawls to be devoted to the richness and are quite expensive.

pure pashmina shawl

Having a pure pashmina shawl is a cherished dream of all women across borders, ethnicities, ages, and cultures. The charms and unique look heed with the warmth of it are known to have been exchanged as gifts among royals. 

This season, share the warmth and love by gifting your loved ones pure pashmina shawl and leaving behind the mark of timeless prestige for the generations to come. 

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