The Tale Of The Original Handloom Pashmina Shawl

June 25th, 2022

The tale of the pashmina shawl is an interesting one. It is believed to have started at the beginning of the 14th century. Mother earth granted a special breed of a mountain goat with wool that could be spun into the finest of yarns for weaving shawls. In the cold regions known as Kiladhand and Changtang, the Ladakh region, and Tibet, these goats would shed their warm winter coat every May called Pashm in Persian or Pashmina (soft gold) in English. Since then pashminas have been a symbol of wealth, royalty, and luck to date. 

Original Hand Woven Pashmina

Hand-woven pashminas are more expensive and more durable because they have a longer, denser pile. This means that the fibers are much closer together, creating a higher level of warmth and insulation. Because of this density, they also stand up to dirt and stains better than their hand-spun counterparts do.

Hand-woven pashminas are more luxurious because of their shorter length, there is less room for imperfections in the yarns used; thus resulting in an even thinner sheen on your finished product.

Hand-spun pashminas are the highest quality, most luxurious, and most durable pashminas available. 

  • Hand-spun pashminas are softer than machine-spun items. This means that your scarf will be more comfortable to wear around your neck since it won't irritate you with every movement as a scratchy scarf does.
  • Hand-spun pashminas are more expensive than machine-spun ones because they're harder to produce and require more time and effort from the weaver. However, their higher price point is worth it because hand-spun scarves have much longer lifespans than their cheaper counterparts – many handcrafted scarves can last for decades without losing their shape or vibrancy!

Natural Dyes

They are not harmful to the environment because they come from natural sources such as plants, insects, and minerals. Natural dyes are sustainable because they are made from natural materials. Natural dyes can give you the color you've been yearning for all your life. Natural dyes are better for the environment, for the people who make them as well as are better for the people who wear them and who buy them. 

Original Pashmina Shawl

The Original Pashmina Shawl is made from the finest wool in the world. It is lightweight, soft, and warm. The craftsmanship of this shawl is unique to original pashminas.

In addition to being beautiful, this product also provides you with functionality that will keep you cozy all year long.

Original pashminas are worth it for the quality and craftsmanship. This is a handmade, 100% cashmere item. It is also an expensive luxury item that can be used as a gift or to spoil yourself.

Pashmina is a luxury fabric that has been used for thousands of years. It can be spun into beautiful shawls or warm coats, and it is incredibly warm given its light weight. Pashmina is made from the undercoat of Himalayan goats, and while machine-made versions are available, they lack the same luster as handcrafted pashminas. The original pashmina shawl was created in Kashmir using handspun pashmina yarns that were then woven by experienced artisans before being dyed with natural dyes on wooden blocks. Experience the legacy of traditions with Ahujasons.