The Winter Tale of Pashmina Shawls for Men

December 21st, 2022

A hand-crafted Pashmina is the epitome of artistic excellence.

Pashmina is the name given to a type of woolen shawl that comes from Kashmir, India. The word "pashmina" literally translates as "soft" in Sanskrit. Since its discovery in ancient times, this fine fibrous material has been used by kings and emperors worldwide for warmth and luxury. It became so popular that many pashmina products are available in different colors and designs- from blankets and scarves to winter jackets! But what exactly is Pashmina? How does one make this magical fabric? And why are these shawls so expensive? Let's explore these questions together!

A pure pashmina shawl is an acceptable type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir.

A pashmina is an acceptable type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir. Pashminas are hand-spun and require between 3 to 18 microns of the finest cashmere fibers.

Pashmina is an acceptable type of cashmere wool that comes from the hair of the Tibetan antelope, or chiru. The word "pashmina" means "wool" in Sanskrit.

Pashmina blankets are hand-spun and require between 3 to 18 microns of the finest cashmere fibers. Pure pashmina shawls are rare and expensive, and few people can afford them. However, you can find some at lower prices if they are not pure pashminas. Some companies sell blended products with synthetic fibers added to them, which can reduce costs considerably while still providing a good quality product at an affordable price point.

A Pashmina shawl or scarf is a must-have to complete your collection of accessories or can be a perfect birthday gift for loved ones. The great thing about Pashmina shawls is they are enduring, and yet they’re subtle in their gorgeousness. An investment that will last longer and can be passed on to generations too.

Men’s pashmina shawls are light in weight and easy to carry with almost any outfit for the royal element. Let’s look into some pleasing ways in which you can adorn a Royal Pashmina Shawl for men:

You can flaunt your Pashmina shawl in infinity style, placing the Pashmina wrap behind the shoulder with corners hanging down and tying them together. Take the left side, cross it in an endless loop, and then place it around the neck.

Take the Pashmina shawl and first fold it lengthwise in half and repeat this multiple times then fold it in half widthwise and loop it around the neck. Pass the fringed corners through the loop one by one and then adjust for an Italian Knot.

Like a shawl, spread the Pashmina and wrap it around the arms from the back, then tie both of the corners in a little bunch and put the bunch on another side. This will appear as a poncho, which can also be used to conceal any imperfections in the attire.

Place the Pashmina as a circle around your neck and spread it across the front. Then at the top of the abdomen, secure it with a belt. 

Wrap the Pashmina shawl around your neck, then take one corner and wrap it around one of your hands. Create a loose knot and with the other corner, pull it through the side knot then first go under the knot loop and, lastly go over it.

With these winning styles, your outfit can never go wrong, best for casual hangouts, formal parties, and family events like marriages. Get admired for your luxe style statement by adorning these royal Pashmina shawls by Ahujasons.

With this much to do with your outlook, it becomes mandatory for you to buy a Pashmina shawl. And getting a pure Pashmina is an investment indeed, as it will last forever and you can cherish it for years and years.