Why Do Men Wear Pashminas At Festivals?

February 8th, 2023

Do you know why Pashmina is regarded as a luxury and elegant craft? Because it's essential to carry the attire appropriately. Men adore themselves when they wear the finest and most expensive pashmina shawl. Moreover, the pashmina shawl for men is an art to wear, especially during festivals. Even celebrities wear Pashminas on auspicious occasions such as festivals. Festivals are a great way to bring joy to yourself and your loved one. Festivals bring people together who are happy and grateful. Pashmina shawl for men shares smiles at every festival. Pashmina confers the beauty of elegance by ensuring the premium quality of each shawl by peering through the dimes of festivals.

How do we make the Pashmina shawl special for every festival? 

The art of Pashmina begins as soon as packets of Cashmere wool arrive in Kashmir's valley. The tufts of Cashmere wool are cleaned, soaked, and dried to obtain premium Cashmere wool. The Cashmere wool is now moved on to the spinning process. Spinning is the painstaking process of converting Cashmere wool into the finest cashmere yarn. Kashmir Valley women mainly perform the meticulous process of spinning. The fine Cashmere yarn is moved to the Weaving process following the Spinning process.

Weaving is the intricate process of transforming Cashmere yarn into the finest Cashmere fabric. The warps and wefts are expertly woven together to present the meticulous Cashmere Fabric to the design process. The weaving is done mainly by valley men on handlooms made of forest wood. The artisans weave with their feet in tandem with their hands. The meticulous harmony of aura and artisan creates the fine Cashmere Fabric.

The Cashmere fabric is then used in the design process. The design process begins the moment the Cashmere fabric reaches the hands of artisans. The Cashmere Fabric's various styles are exquisite. As a result, a diverse range of masterpieces is produced. The Art of Pashmina is now the creation of multiple accessories from the finest Cashmere. The versatile designs contribute to the world of luxury in various ways. The numerous styles cater to both men and women. The techniques and designs embody the most elegant aspects of luxurious fashion.

What is unique about Pashmina wearing at festivals? 

Pashmina for men is made from the finest Cashmere wool in the Kashmir Valley. As mentioned earlier, the making of the Pashmina Shawl reveals every detail of its embroideries. Pashmina Art is divided into three categories: Cashmere Wraps, Cashmere Scarves, and Pashmina Shawls. Pashmina's softness, fineness, and premium quality make it an ideal festival companion for combining comfort and elegance. Festivals honour your presence, and you elegantly confer each one with a luxurious Pashmina. It not only makes your presence at festivals memorable but also provides softness and comfort during the chaos. We infuse our masterpieces with sophistication, love, and comfort to make your special day a little brighter.

Pashmina started with a Festive Vibe in the 13th Century. 

Pashmina has been unique since it was discovered in the 15th Century by Syed Ali Hamdani, a Persian saint who had travelled to Kashmir. He was in charge of training locals in handicrafts, including Pashmina making, along with 700 craftsmen. This was the most famous art form because the royals preferred it. Cashmere furnishings are used in royal courts. Kashmiris revered Pashmina and Kashmiri artisans from around the world were hired to make the same.

Earlier, Pashmina for men was an essential attire for any family function or festival. While some women cleaned or spun Cashmere, the men of the family wove and embroidered shawls. As a result, a Pashmina shawl would be a brand belonging to one of the two families. When the economy was bad, women sold pieces of their Pashmina to make money. As a result, Pashmina holds an emotional connection with every person.