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Dainty Pashmina Weaves for the Modern Woman

Pashmina has a phenomenally rich history dating back to centuries. One of the daintiest and softest textiles, Pashmina is Kashmir and India’s pride! Woven through time, Pashmina is a magnificent piece of art. According to certain historical sources, Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani is the apparent founder of the Pashmina industry when he presented Cashmere socks to the then King of Kashmir, Sultan Kutabdin. Since then, the craft of Pashmina weaving has only grown, bloomed and evolved over the centuries.

Pashmina scarves for women remain the softest, warmest and lightest natural fabric in the world. Its high demand has given rise to many varieties that have synthetic fibers. Traditionally only worn by royalty, the 21st century has seen the inclusion of Pashmina by top fashion designers. The purity of this material lies in the feel and warmth of the textile and that’s why once you have experienced the genuine Pashmina, you’ll never buy anything else!

At Ahujasons, we take pride in associating with this heritage craft of Pashmina weaving that has contributed to its omnipresent glory. As the word spreads and the art form popularizes, it leads to a better livelihood for our artisans and craftsmen and better appreciation of their craft. From scarves to shawls and stoles, we are the leading producers of dainty pieces of art that showcase exciting stories with exquisite iconography and breath-taking handiwork.

Visit Ahujasons to take a look at our exclusive collection of pure, soft, and warm Pashmina stoles, shawls, sarees and scarves for women and experience the richness firsthand!

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