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The Collection at Ahujasons is a stunning repertoire of craftsmanship. Explore each tradition and style, mastered by generations to world-class perfection.


For the ultimate luxury and warmth, the traditional design of Jamawar collection is made in complementary colors with a distinctive, lustrous effect. Amazingly soft, warm and lightweight, they’re a striking addition to anyone’s wardrobe! Synonymous with the Kashmir Shawls, Jamawars have been wardrobe staples for the royalty of yesteryears to the modern-day czars and fashion nobility.
Termed as the grown pieces, the intricate and inimitable hand embroideries are used to create an all over pattern in silk threads on the finest Pashmina fabrics – almost emulating a jacquard-like pattern.

Papier Mache

Papier mâché is a delicate decorative art that saw its origin in Persia in the 15th century and was popularised in Kashmir with influences from Central Asia. The Naqashi (surface paintings) work is rather typical and the intricate patterns are signature to the craft. The patterns are visually manifested in silk and wool on these fine pashmina shawls almost emulating the finely hand-painted patterns. The embroidery is so fine that patterns on either side of the shawl are equally well finished. Certainly one for the heirloom.


These Limited-Edition pieces are true statements of opulence from the Mughal days of indulgence. A full blown hunting “Shikaar” scene is painstakingly crafted on the finest Pashminas using deft hand painting and intricate embroideries- akin to a work of art. No two pieces are identical, given the nature of work and artist’s creative interpretation – making them a must-have for the Collector’s treasure trove. Nothing is more luxurious than the pride of owning a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Deft craftsmanship and intricate patterning makes the Ahujasons Kaani collection a must-have for any shawl-lover. These shawls ate testaments of fine craftsmanship in Indian shawl-making that comprise patterning by introducing extra float yarns to create interesting patterns on the surface of the fabric at the time of weaving itself. Skilled craftsman working for months together create this masterpiece that is an epitome of elegance and certainly a wardrobe essential.

Crafted in luxurious Pashminas and deftly styled with hand painted patterns on surface, the collection is truly for the connoisseurs of art and luxury. These patterns are further accentuated with intricate hand-embroidery making each of these pieces a true work of art. These Pashmina shawls are meant for the royalty of today – the true blue-blooded fashionistas who like to stay a step ahead of the time. What’s more, the collection is so versatile, it can be paired with a designer saree with as much aplomb as with a pair of distressed denims.