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Exquisite Kaani Weaves of the Valley

Ahuja Sons

Exquisite Kaani Weaves of the Valley

The early history of shawl weaving is pretty obscure in Kashmir but some scholars and historians believe that the craft was brought from Iran by Syed Ali Hamdani and Badshah Zain-ul-Abidin in the 14th century! But some believe that shawl weaving was a local craft that developed within Kashmir with some influences from outside.

Shawls were majorly embroidered or woven using the twill-tapestry technique known as Kaani for which Kashmir is famous worldwide. The Kaani shawl, that got a GI (Geographical Indication) status in 2008, is one of the most complex Indian weaves. A symbol of magnificent Kashmiri craftsmanship, it is has a place in the world’s choicest museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Kani in Kashmiri means small wooden sticks that are used to create complex patterns in Pashminas during weaving. For creating this embroidery on a loom, such small sticks are used as tools. The designs are preconceived and are created by using different colored threads. The Kaani silk sarees are woven just in the same way as Kashmiri Kani shawls are woven and show how cultural influences played on art, culture, and textile.

At Ahujasons, exclusive and exquisite Kani silk sarees are crafted with flawless detail. Our skilled craftsmanship and intricate patterning make Ahujasons Kaani collection a sight to behold. Skilled craftsmen working painstakingly to create these masterpieces that are an embodiment of grace and elegance and most certainly a wardrobe essential.

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