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How to dress up men’s pashmina shawl – Wedding Edition

How to dress up men's pashmina shawl - Wedding Edition

An evergreen luxury that has always been a symbol of elegance and sophistication – Cashmere Pashmina. The word Pashmina has been obtained from the word “Pashm,” which means soft gold. Introduced in the 14th century, Kashmiri Pashmina is believed to be the finest and lightest of all Pashminas in the world. Original Pashmina shawl represents a timeless legacy that can be used for over 100 years.

When talking about our favorite- Pashmina, how can we forget ‘Winter Weddings.’ The elegance which Pashmina adds to the person’s wedding outfit can never match any other fashion accessories. Often, at the time of weddings, we all focus on the bride and her accessories and neglect men. So, instead of making ‘Man of the hour & his loyal Groomsmen’ feel plain and overlooked, let’s dedicate this blog to the men of the house and create some fabulous looks with our evergreen pashmina shawl for this wedding season.

The Slip knot

Winter weddings are all about shivering legs and shaky hands. This pashmina shawl knot has some significant cold-stopping power. It’s also easy to put on and take off the shawl. So this easy to go slip knot style with pashmina shawl will accentuate your black suit very well.

How To Wear:

  1. Fold the shawl in half lengthwise and then fold it again to form a sort of hoop.
  2. Wrap the folded shawl around your neck with the hoop on one side of the shoulder.
  3. Take the unfolded end and bring it in between the hoop.
  4. Tighten the loop as per your convenience to get the complete effect.

The Wrap-Around

How To Wear:

  1. Drape the shawl around your neck and let it hang around your neck equally on each side.
  2. Criss-cross both the ends of the pashmina shawl and take it around the back of your neck to the other side.
  3. Bring the other side forward and adjust both ends to the desired length.

The Fall out Drape

Although the fall out drape style is quite possibly the simplest way to wear a shawl, it also carries a great deal of style. Ceremonious and svelte with an edge of nonchalance, the fall out drape allows your shawl to become a great accent piece, upgrading the rest of your outfit with it. Wear a red pashmina shawl with a black sherwani and look like a bomb this wedding season.

How To Wear:

  1. Drape the shawl around your neck.
  2. Adjust the length and let it hang around your neck equally on each side.

The Ascot

The Ascot, also known as an overhand, is a more formal way to wear a shawl. It is a perfect knot to wear tucked into a formal wedding blazer. Both functional and stylish, it provides you with some warmth and a whole lot of sophistication. Pashmina shawl’s thin texture can instantly transform this look from polished to bohemian.

How To Wear:

  1. Drape the shawl around your shoulders and let it hang equally.
  2. Take one end and cross it over another end.
  3. Pull one end through the opening formed by the cross (try to flatten it out as you pull up and over) and adjust to even out the lengths of both points.
  4. Adjust the knot as wanted, tuck in below your jacket.

The Classic Drape

The man who adores a simple yet luxurious look, can’t be bothered to tie or untie knots, and probably carries loafers year-round. This sherwani and pashmina shawl combination doesn’t offer much cold protection, but they look classy and opulent. Wear a black and golden pashmina shawl with beige colored sherwani and see the ladies going ga-ga all over you!

How To Wear:

  1. Fold the pashmina shawl in half and place the middle of the one folded side on your right shoulder.
  2. Carry the other mid-end on your left hand. Make sure to take it from the backside.

So, all you need is the right pashmina shawl (that you can readily purchase from our website) and the right knot, and you’ll be both dapper and toasty warm this wedding season in no time.

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