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How to style your Men’s Pashmina Shawl for the Festivities?

Men's Pashmina Shawl

Many believe that a Pashmina shawl is meant to be adorned only by women. But that’s not true at all! For ages, men have been wearing this magnificent work of art just as gracefully as women. Several renowned designers have also incorporated this rich fabric in their creations for men. Not only will these shawls keep you warm and cozy in winters but look immensely stylish at the same time. Moreover, a Pashmina shawl is an excellent accessory to complement your ethnic wear such as sherwanis, bandhgalas, or pathani suits. Let’s take a look at how you can style your men’s Pashmina Shawl for the upcoming festivities to elevate your fashion quotient.

Simple yet Regal

If you are not a huge fan of over-styling, then you can simply drape your Pashmina by laying it over your shoulders with the ends hanging in the front. Before draping, you can also pleat it up for a neater appearance. It is a classic method to look effortlessly dapper while wearing your sherwani or kurta pajama.

Totally Aesthetic!

This look is for those who aim for a soft and esthetic appeal. Here, you have to wrap the pleated shawl over one shoulder and then take it under your other arm, over the chest, and to the shoulder. Club this style with a minimalistic pathani suit to ooze out a boyish charm.

Trendy and Cozy

Simple and elegant, this style will keep you comfy and cozy in a cold and breezy evening. Take the shawl and just wrap it once around your neck. Keep the two ends dangling, one in the front and one in the back. Voila! You’re good to go!Be it casual, formal, or ethnic wear, this will look fabulous with anything!

The Side Sweep

A sleek touch to your ethnic attire, the side sweep is done by draping the shawl on one shoulder and tying both the ends on the other side, under the arm to keep your hands free. But first, you need to pleat it. To keep it in place, use a big pin or an accessory.

The Royal Front Drape

Dress like royalty by styling your Pashmina in a front drape with no pleats. Simply let it flow over one of your shoulders. To amp things up a bit, you can take one end around the back, to the front, and wrap it around your wrist.This draping style will look killer with any of your ethnic outfits such as heavily embroidered kurtas, long bandhgalas, or jackets.Now be festive ready with the spectacular selection of Men’s Pashmina shawls from the house of Ahujasons that are crafted with stunning weave work, intricate embroidery, and opulent designs. Browse the entire collection on our online store.

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