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How to turn your favorite stoles into a mask to protect yourself during this pandemic?

men stole

1) Head and face cover

This is not a new style. Girls have been using this way of covering the face and head for a long time to protect themselves from the sun and outdoor pollution.
Fold the stole into a triangle first. Place it over your head and wrap one side of the cloth around your chin and shoulder. Take the other end and wrap it across your face and nose. Tie both the ends in a secure knot at the back of your head. Do not tie the knot very tightly or you will have difficulty breathing

2) Trendy face scarf

This is a very casual style of wrapping the stole around your face. It is super easy and stylish as well.
Again, fold the stole into a triangle and place it over your mouth and nose. Take both the corners and neatly tie them at the back of your head. The cloth will cover half of your face, neck, and chest. That’s it! You are good to go!

3) Simple face wrap

It will take less than two minutes to make this mask. Take the stole and fold the edges of the top and bottom to make a long rectangle. Hold the two sides of the rectangle and wrap them around your face (nose and mouth). Tie the ends and it’s done!

These were a few ideas but you can wrap the stole in whatever way you like. Match your mask with your outfits and ace the look! Shop from the luxury and trendy stoles at Ahujasons. There is a wide selection of premium stoles that are made from the finest of fabrics. They will surely add a touch of elegance to all your outfits

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