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How to wash a Pashmina Shawl?

Everyone has a special favorite in their wardrobe – a piece of clothing or accessory that needs to be washed and handled with extreme care because the last thing we want is for it to be ruined. Pashmina shawls belong to the category of clothing that requires utmost care and attention while being cleaned. While laundromats can help with managing delicate materials like these, it is recommended to hand wash pashminas as opposed to sending them off for dry cleaning.Don’t worry about the process, we have your back on this one. Follow these simple steps and your pashmina will be good as new.

Step 1:

Fill up a large plastic tub, sink, or bathtub with some lukewarm water. Lukewarm water works best as scorching hot water can cause shrinkage. Add in a cashmere-specific detergent or shampoo. If you are unable to find these, opt for a paraben or sulfate-free soap or shampoo. Baby products work just as fine as they are usually gentle and free of these chemicals.

Step 2:

Mix the detergent into the water as thoroughly as possible. Make sure you haven’t added anything that might bleed color (this includes colorful bits of a detergent powder too).

Step 3:

Submerge your pashmina shawl into the mix and ensure that it is fully covered. Be gentle with your shawl as you don’t want to agitate its fibers. If you are using a bathtub, try to lay the shawl as flat as possible with minimal folding.

Step 4:

Let your shawl soak in there for about 15 minutes. If you have tougher stains, gently massage the shawl while it’s soaked without excessively crushing it or adding in any more clothes.

Step 5:

After 15 minutes of a gentle soak, drain out the water. You can now try one out of two methods ahead.Either, rinse your pashmina with cold water using a hand-held shower (do this till the shawl doesn’t feel soapy anymore). Or, you can soak the pashmina again in clean, cooler water to let out the residue detergent and dirt. While the second method is less likely to irritate the cashmere, it needs to be repeated over and over again with clean water until the entire detergent has been worn off.

Step 6:

When it comes to drying your pashmina, you need to remember the golden rule: do not wring. You can press/blot out the excess water and place your shawl on a drying rack, as long as you ensure its natural shape is not distressed. Likewise, you can even place it flat on a clean towel in its natural shape. Roll the shawl along with the towel to remove any excess water.

Points to note:

  • Do not place your pashmina anywhere near a direct source of sunlight or heat as this may cause further damage to shape and color.
  • Do not hang excessively wet pashmina anywhere as it might ruin the shape.
  • Do not put your pashmina shawl in the dryer.
  • Try cleansing and using the shawl as less as possible as excessive washing may lead to loss of color/shine in the long run.

It might be worth considering spot treatment when it comes to delicates like pashmina shawl. This means that you can use water and detergent mixes to treat stains alone, as opposed to washing the entire shawl continually. With a little practice, you’re bound to get used to these washing and drying methods. If you are looking for something specific or have any confusion about the above, feel free to reach out to us as our team would be happy to assist you.

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