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Indian Craftsmanship - Types of Shawls

Pashima Shawl

India has always been a hub for textile export since ancient times. For the last 5,000 years, Indian weavers are well known for their talents and skills. We are witness to the history that Indian textile has helped us establish popular trade unions and routes like the silk route or the wool road. 

We have the largest diversity and skilled craftsmen that has managed to popularize different variation of shawls in different regions of India. The local culture has helped to develop the craft too! 

Here are some of the popular shawls from India from different regions of the country.

Pashmina shawls are exclusively weaved in the state of Kashmir and are one of the most popular among all kinds of shawls. It is made from the fleece of the local Cashmere goat. Pashmina shawls are recognized by their softness and warmth that is incomparable to local stuff. 

There are traditional methods of producing pashmina shawls that are known for the beautiful motifs that are weaved on it. Pashmina shawls are globally recognized for the craftsmanship and the stunning work that is involved to produce one of them!

Kullu shawls

Kullu shawls prevail from the land of Himachal Pradesh. They are recognized for their patterned structure. These shawls are created with special technique known as slit tapestry which has a coarser design.

The raw material used comes mainly from the fleece of local goats like Angora and Bihang. The motifs on Kullu shawls are theme-based and has a variety of color palettes to boast of.

Naga shawls

Naga shawls are traditional shawls from Nagaland that are famous across the world due to their exotic look. The motifs on these shawls mainly symbolize folk stories of the region which makes it look more stunning. 

They are made from wool with colors and then are weaved together with the help of weft patterning. This is mainly done by back-strap looms and then the geometric designs are created.

Kalamkari shawls

Kalamkari shawls are weaved in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh. These cotton-based shawls are famous for their hand-printed or block printed design. There are mainly two kinds of design, namely Srikalahasti the Machilipatnam style both of them are hand-made by a ‘pen’. These designs make it stand out among the other shawls.

With the diversity in weavers in every region, there are various kinds of shawls too. While the craftsmanship is not very active anymore, but Ahujasons has managed to keep this unique craft and artisan skill alive with its traditional varieties of shawls that have a beautiful look to them.

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