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Love handloom silk sarees? Here are a few tips to keep them as good as new

Handloom Silk Saree

Handloom Silk Sarees are a crown jewel in any Indian woman’s wardrobe. They are the most exquisite varieties among sarees. Adorned with gorgeous and ornate designs, these sarees can transform your look and give you an effortless class and heritage Indian vibe. They are beautiful creations that are often a part of your family heirloom.

These delicate pieces of art require handling with a lot of attention and care. Maintaining them can be quite tricky as they are susceptible to time related wear and tear, staining, and pesky bugs/insects. Follow these expert tips and tricks to keep your precious handloom silk sarees as good as new


It is advised that you should not hand wash or machine wash your silk sarees. Give them to the dry cleaners to preserve their color and texture. But for some reason, if you are unable to get them dry cleaned, you need to be very careful while washing it on your own.

  • Before washing, soak the saree in saltwater for some time.
  • Do not soak it for the whole night or very long durations as it may lead to discoloration.
  • Rinse with cold water for 2-3 times before washing with a detergent.
  • Never use a harsh detergent. Use mild and good quality detergents only.
  • Wash it off quickly and avoid bundling the material so it doesn’t crease.
  • Do not use a brush as it can tear the fabric.

Handloom silk sarees need much more care than a regular cotton or georgette sarees. Especially, if you have stained it by accident, immediately wipe the stain off with cold water.


You need time and patience to dry your handloom silk saree after the wash.

  • To avoid fabric discoloration, do not dry it under direct sunlight. Hang the saree in partial shade.
  • Never wring the sarees. We repeat, never wring them. They will be destroyed!
  • Roll them in a cotton cloth or towel for better absorption of water.
  • Try to dry them on a flat surface. Avoid rusty clothes rack or window sills. They might stain the saree.
  • Dry your saree separately from the rest of the garments so that any bleeding colors would not spoil your special saree.


Be extremely careful while ironing the saree. Handloom silk sarees are very delicate and the fibers may get damaged in the process.

  • Always steam iron the silk saree.
  • The iron should be on medium to low heat.
  • Keep the garment on a cotton cloth or an ironing board to avoid creases.
  • If you don’t own a steam press, do not spray water on the fabric before using an ordinary iron as it may leave permanent water marks.


The way you store your handloom silk saree is a big factor in its preservation.

  • Store it in a light cotton muslin cloth before keeping it in the cupboard. This will provide the saree some breathing space and prevent the fabric from getting stuck with the other sarees or clothes.
  • Ensure that the saree is completely dry before storing it. The moisture can damage the fabric.
  • Always keep your silk saree in a dry and dark place to prevent its color from fading.
  • Do not hang them on metal hangers as the rust will stain the cloth.
  • Make it a point to refold your sarees every three months. This will prevent tearing from the fold lines.
  • Air out the sarees after every use.

Use naphthalene balls to keep the moths and silverfish away. But do not keep them in direct contact with the fabric as they can cause discoloration. As a better option, you can use dry neem leaves. They prevent pests and are anti-fungal.

Other tips

  • Never apply perfume or deodorant on the material directly.
  • Do not wash them too often. They might lose their sheen. Dry them after every wear.

Follow these amazing tips and preserve the elegance and beauty of your Handloom Silk Sarees for a very long time. If you handle these creations with love and care, they will last for generations to come.

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