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Pashmina Ring Test – Truth or Deception?

For eons, Pashmina has been  considered to be the richest and finest fabric to exist in the world. Women of all ethnicities, ages, and cultures dream of having an authentic Pashmina Shawl. The exceptional weave and unmatched artistry of the local Kashmiri craftsmen have made this fabric a style statement and a symbol of class.

But there is always some kind of doubt lurking in the minds of the Pashmina lovers – whether their Pashmina is original or not?

Nowadays, the market is flooded with cheap replicas and knock off materials that are sold in the name of the original Pashmina. With the introduction of emerging technologies and new mixed fabrics, it is becoming exceedingly hard for the customers to distinguish the fake from the real one.

The Ring Test – Truth or Deception?

One of the most popular ways to test the authenticity of a Pashmina shawl is the Ring test. Many well-known retailers use this method to assure their customers that their fabric is authentic. It is believed that since Pashmina is the softest and finest fabric of all, it will easily pass through a tiny ring. However, the fact remains that this test is completely invalid and non-reliable. We advise you to beware of such fraudulent practices.

Even today, people believe that the ring test is the sure-shot way to tell if a fabric is a true Pashmina or not. But the reality is that with research and technological advancements, various new fabrics like viscose are being developed that are fine enough to pass this test easily. Moreover, there are a few types of Pashmina shawls that are thicker in texture, like the one woven in the Ladakh region which would obvisouly fail the ring test.

How to identify Real Pashmina?

Examine the fabric – Genuine Pashmina does not have any kind of shine. The original fabric has a refined matte appearance with a slight sheen. But if you notice a significant amount of shine, then surely it’s not the original Pashmina. Moreover, the texture of a pure Pashmina has slight discrepancies since it is hand-woven. If your fabric is completely smooth with no irregularities, it is a sign that it is machine made or curated from blended material. At Ahujasons, our artisans work tirelessly for months in a stretch to create every elegant and resplendent masterpiece.

Rubbing Test – It may sound a bit weird but the rubbing test is one of the easiest ways to find out if your shawl is made from real animal fiber or not. Clothes that are made from synthetic fabrics like nylon, acrylic, or polyester generate static electricity when rubbed together. If your fabric is genuine Pashmina, this will not happen.

With the pure Pashmina Shawls and Stoles from Ahujasons, you get to explore the real handcrafted masterpieces from our premium collection. We offer 100% genuine and exquisite fabrics that will be a statement accessory in your wardrobe for years to come. Browse through our exclusive collection and pick a piece that matches your style.

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