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Seven stylish ways to drape a reversible woolen throw

Designer reversible throw

Reminiscing our childhood days, there is always a memory that comes to our mind. It is of our favorite throw that used to be there on the sofa for us to get tucked in whenever we fell asleep while playing or watching television. The feeling of warmth and comfort still crosses our minds.

Woolen throws not only bring warmth and comfort to us but also adds a trendy and classic look to the interiors of our homes. They are highly versatile and can be very long-lasting, bringing a sense of peace when we are tucked in with our loved ones or having some alone time. That’s why they are an essential part of our place of solace.

Throws are an exceptional way to bring color, texture and an element of life to your rooms and your home and with new and exclusive designer collections available, they bring a different charm altogether to any living space.

Reversible throws are an amazing way to beautify any sofa or bedroom. Buying a reversible throw is not only stylish but pratical too! You can change the sides and use them the way you want according to the mood and decore requirements.

Here are a few ways in which you can drape your reversible woolen throw just like a stylist.

1) Draped on the Couch

A classic way to use a throw, this can never go out of style. Casually drape the throw on the back of the couch or the arm to enhance the overall look like nothing else. This adds an element of elegance along with bringing a sense of warmth and coziness in the ambiance of the room. The couch becomes so much more welcoming especially after a tiring day at work.

2) On the bed

Throws are the coziest! We all want something warm and comfy to tuck ourselves in the cold winter nights while watching television on the couch. Throws not only increase the style quotient of your living room but also helps you keep warm and cozy when you just want to laze around in the free time.

3) On a sofa chair with pillow

We all want to have our little corner in our homes where we spend our alone time. Drape a throw on a comfy sofa chair with a soft pillow. Your comfortable and cozy nook is ready! Make it your reading nook and have a leisure time while being comfortably tucked in the soft throw.

4) Formal Look

You can also achieve a clean and formal look with it. Place the throw nicely in the center of the sofa to give it an edgy and sophisticated look. The bottom edge should be tucked inside the sofa cushion to make it look clean and prevent it from falling off.

5) Chaise lounge

Chaise lounges add a classy and chic look to your living area. They are very much in trend too. Drape your throw at the foot of the chaise lounge neatly tucked in. This will give it a simple yet classy look and add great texture.

6) Swings

Got a swing on your porch? Drape a throw on the back of the swing to make yourself nice and comfortable while having some coffee and enjoying the weather.

7) Over the headboard

Throws add life to any dull setting. Drape a throw over the headboard of your bed to bring color and brighten the look of the room. Place it in the center a little folded on the edged so it doesn’t look unflattering and clumsy.

Whether you use a throw in the inside décor of your homes or take it to the parks and picnics, they will always bring a sense of comfort to your life.

Bring in the coziness and warmth back to your lives with reversible throws by Ahujasons. The vibrant colors and wide range will add life to your bedrooms and living areas. They are a symbol of ancient heritage, woven by highly skilled craftsmen with the finest pashmina and cashmere. Every fiber is a testimony for our dedication to bringing the best in class designs and texture.

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