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Tips and tricks to style the summer stole

summer stole

Stoles are one of the most fashionable clothing accessories that any woman can own. They can transform your appearance and add that zing to your persona! From casual to sophisticated and simple to dressy, whatever your outfit may be, just jazz it up with a vibrant and beautiful stole. They are highly versatile and can be used in several ways to enhance your overall appearance. You just need to know the right way to style and voila, you’re all set! So Sit back and read on to know all the ways you can style your summer stole to enhance your look.

The Basic Loop

This style is extremely simple to create. All you need to do is tie the ends of a stole and make a large loop. Place the loop around your neck and twist the stole to form an infinity sign and bring it around your neck again. It goes well with most formal attires and adds a nice twist to the ensemble. You can pair it with traditional and casual outfits for a layered effect.

With A Dress

Elevate your style game by accessorizing your dress with a stole. Tie it around the neck in a French knot for a casual and chic feel. For a monotone effect, pair a white dress with a white or off white stole. Select a vibrant shade if you want to add a pop of color. At Ahujasons, you can choose from a large variety of colors and hues that will look stunning with any dress or tunic. Experiment with different formal and casual dresses to see what works best for you.

Pair with formals

Stoles look extremely appealing when paired with a crisp khaki shirt or tunic and trousers. Just wrap the stole around your neck and you’re done! Even a basic attire can look appealing with contrasting and bright shades of a stole. Throw on a jacket if you want to add a casual vibe.

Belt It 

Did you know a stole can also be used as a super stylish belt? Wear it around your waist and accentuate those beautiful curves! Take a long stole and belt it around the smallest part of your waist. To style it up with your favorite denim, tie it on the loops of your jeans or skirt. This style is super fun and adds that extra oomph to your persona!Another great way to style the stole is by actually using a belt. Drape the stole around your neck and let it hang loosely. Take a belt of your choice and cinch it around your waist with the stole under it. This will add an amazing texture and enhance your silhouette.


Tired of using that same old handbag? You can revamp its look by tying a beautiful and vibrant stole to its straps. Your stole can also be used as a hair accessory! Yes, you heard us right. Make a high bun or ponytail and tie your stole around it. Make a bow if you like. Let the ends of the stole fall and you will look like a cutesy doll!

Cover It Up

Many dresses or tops have a plunging neckline or thin straps. If you are new to such attires and feel a tad conscious, then a stole can help you out. Wrap the stole around the neckline to define your shoulders and neckline. This will make you feel more comfortable and add a touch of class to your garment. 

You can now rock any of those styles and outfits and look like a diva with the premium quality Silk stoles from Ahujasons. They are made from the finest silk to provide you with the most luxurious and royal experience.

Browse from the wide and premium selection of exquisitely handcrafted summer stoles and dainty wraps on our website and pick your favorites! Every piece in our exclusive collection is created with expertise and perfection.

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