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Traditional Craft of India – Pashmina

Traditional Pashima Shawl

Traditional Craft of India – Pashmina

Kashmir has always been called as God’s own paradise! It’s abundant beauty and scenic view is a treasure trove of nature. Kashmir is the best combination of nature and craft. Kashmiri craftsman is renowned for their work all over the globe. Their grandeur and artfulness have always been appreciated by handicraft lovers.

With ethnic and cultural diversity of India, we can see a rich combination of various techniques, crafts, weaving, themes of motifs that have been ongoing over the years. India has been the hub for textile over all these years. The most famous textile of India was the Kashmiri shawl, but the diamond amongst all was ‘Pashmina’.

Pashmina was known as ‘soft gold’ in Kashmiri. It is made with Cashmere wool of the highest grade and is usually hand spun and woven using the fleece of four distinct breeds of Cashmere goats from the different regions of Kashmir.

The beautiful cashmere wool is obtained from the especially found Capra Hircus Goat, which is found in the deeper regions of the Himalayas. Pashmina is made from the thinner inner coat that is grown on the goat. Changpa tribe are the traditional producers of the pashmina wool. The tribe rear sheep in harsh winters and lead a gypsy life to produce this wool. Another very beautiful thing about this is that pashmina shawls can last for years if maintained well. So, if you are a part of this unique heritage by being the proud owner of a pashmina, you are honoring a unique legacy!

Many of us aspire to own a real pashmina! In fact, mostly women dream of owning a real Kashmiri pashmina shawl that enhances their overall look and adds a dash of elegance to dull outfits. While there are varieties in Kashmiri shawls too, but pashmina shawls have always lead the game. The woolen shawls are often adorned with distinctive motifs and embroideries. Pashmina shawls are very warm if they are 100 percent pure. Often people get duped while buying pashmina shawls, as there are many forms of imitations out there is the market. Making a pashmina purchase from Ahujasons is the perfect way to own a pure pashmina that is uniquely handcrafted.

There are two main varieties in Pashmina available – Kashmiri/Ladakh Pashmina and Pashmina from Nepal. The only difference between both of them is that Pashmina from Nepal is slightly warmer than Kashmiri Pashmina. It is said that even Princess Diana once wore the Pashmina shawl which made a highlight even back then.

Pashmina shawls are the finest quality shawls crafted from the very fine silk-like fiber. A pure Pashmina can be identified by testing the warmth and the softness of the texture. Pashmina shawls have a natural cream color to it. The production and export of Pashmina have been one of the best major bread earning agents for the people of Kashmir. From the origin of Pashmina, they have been exported to Europe and the United States. In the 1990s, the demand for Pashmina in the fashion industry touched sky-heights exceeding its supply. And to date, it hasn’t lost its charm. s

Pashmina shawls have been a status of luxury over the past years. Wearing a handwoven Pashmina itself says luxury out loud. A pure pashmina can be a bit heavy on the money but it’s worth every penny you pay. These shawls have a wide range of color palettes and designing. Pashmina shawls are a must-have for your winter wardrobe. It is an evergreen statement accessory that looks good on everyone.

Pashmina shawls are versatile and can be used in many ways that never loses its charm. You can wrap it like a scarf around your neck or elegantly wrap it around your arms. Pashmina shawls can be styled with office wear or party outfits, it will enhance your personality and make you stand out from the crowd.

So, the next time when you want to invest in a luxury item look for a Pashmina shawl. Ahuja Sons is your one stop destination for classic pieces of Pashmina shawls. Ladies, it’s time to put aside your old woolen scarfs and shawls and buy an exquisite Pashmina shawl! As for the men, there is enough variety for you to explore too!

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